The 30th and Grape Site / by BV Architecture

This is my attempt to chronicle my adventures in redeveloping a small lot on the corner of 30th & Grape Streets in the historic neighborhood of South Park.  The project site is located accross the street from Grape Street Square, which includes the iconic Big Kitchen Cafe, South Park Abbey restaurant and So Childish boutique.  Within a short walking distance to numerous other restaurants, drinking establishments, retail stores and art galleries, this location presents a fantastic opportunity to pursue an infill development in an increasingly vibrant urban community.
As with any endeavor, I'm starting with a simple list of objectives for the project.  We'll refer back to these guiding principals throughout the development process and ultimately use them to gauge our success at the completion of the project.
Project Goals:
1. Create comfortable, healthy, and sustainable housing for a diverse range of lifestyles and income classes.
2. Encourage community and stakeholder collaboration.
3. Incorporate renewable and sustainably harvested materials with long-lasting and low-maintenance qualities.
4. Preserve community character through thoughtful consideration of the scale, rhythm, proportions and materials of the surrounding neighborhood.
5. Preserve open space and create quality public & private outdoor spaces.
6. Create engaging commercial spaces that enhance the pedestrian experience along both 30th and Grape St.